Golden Rule

December 19, 2010 at 3:55 pm (Marketing)

I read a very interesting article today on Harvard Business Review (

It discusses the importance of the Marketer’s Golden Rule: “Interact unto others as they would interact unto you.”

This holds great significance for marketers. Marketing is all about building long term and profitable relationships with their consumers, and how can they do so if they don’t understand the consumers? Theories of communication encourage marketers to share fields of experience with their target customers. Only when you truly understand them, how they think, their decision making processes, how they live, what they do, etc. can you market to them efficiently. Anyone can tell you there is a lot of clutter out there, we are exposed to about 5000 ads a day! The ones that successfully penetrate our perception screens are those that resonate with us. Similarity is key. It is a tragic how many great campaigns fail because the advertisers have lost touch with their customers. I think you expire as a marketer when you lose your ability to relate to your consumers.

The article suggests marketers try living a day in the consumer’s media mix, this could provide them with more insight into who they are dealing with. We can translate Sun Tzu’s advice “know your enemy” into marketing terms: “know your customer”.


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