December 20, 2010 at 9:57 am (Writings)

I am so happy to be a part of the marketing world at such a pivotal time in its evolution. I think at this day and age, marketing is at its best. This is not to say that all campaigns are great, but this BMW one is sheer genius in my opinion. It breaks through the clutter and is such a new concept and way of literarily getting into the consumers mind!



  1. moeakar said,

    thats unreal! huge resepect to this commercial’s innovation, what a way to integrate the concept of the sun’s after-image into marketing genius! awesome

    • daliahalabi said,

      I’m telling you! marketing is at its best now~ its all about the untraditional and it’s so exciting!

  2. almamiri said,

    i love this one. it truly is unique. it breaks through all the clutter and the millions of ads we are exposed to on a daily basis, and places itself in a “virgin territory” one might say. 🙂
    loved it

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