speech four

December 22, 2010 at 7:18 pm (Writings)

On December 14 2010 I discovered something that made me feel strife:


I’ve had the privilege of being shielded from the real world for a while now

So you can understand why I’m having a cow…

I’m not ready to enter the jungle

Not enter, more like stumble.

After graduation every gets so serious and real

And honestly I don’t know how to feel.

Do I want to take some time off? Or work right away?

How do I plan on spending the rest of my days?

There’s a lot I could do with a business degree

There’s a lot of prestige in graduating from AUB

I guess I’m lucky because the world is my oyster you see,

But I don’t know who I want to be!

I love marketing is truly is my passion

It’s like peanut butter to jam, Versace to fashion

Dalia and marketing go hand in hand

There’s nothing I love more than a good brand.

I also have a diploma in communication

And you would think that that would ease my frustration

But even though it may open more doors for me

I still don’t know who I want to be.

I always thought I’d have more time to make this decision

After all, this is a matter that requires precision.

I can’t arbitrarily choose a profession

Although I have a little confession:

I always wanted to be an actress, a Hollywood star!

But I think we all know that that reality is very far!

I guess it’s time to get my head out of the clouds

And acknowledge the fact I’ll never be greeted by cheering crowds

But I don’t mind the less glamorous world of business

At least then I wouldn’t have to worry about fitness

Being camera-ready 24/7 is a tedious task

No wonder they’re all drunkards, are you sure that’s water in that flask?

I may be lost but I wasn’t born yesterday

If I had been, I wouldn’t have to worry today

I’d have another 20 years to reach the point where I’d have to decide my future

Perhaps I would develop some kind of talent that I could nurture

Maybe I’d learn how to sing or play the violin or guitar

Then I could be a rock star!

But I digress, lets go back to the world where ‘if’s’ don’t exist

And try to find an answer to this question that persists:

Where do I want to be in five years?

I love advertising; I wouldn’t mind pursuing that career

Perhaps an account executive working at a multinational agency

That wouldn’t be such a travesty!

I could work for a couple of years then maybe do my Masters

That would make the process of finding a job faster!

Then I could work some more until I have enough experience to start my own business

And that is how I intend to make a difference.

I want a penthouse sweet in the Upper East Side of the city that never sleeps

And a walk in closet that would make my girl friends weep

And I would do my part as a socially responsible person and I would give back to society

I would be able to do so because of my propriety.

I guess this plan isn’t so bad; maybe it is a little ideal

But even if it doesn’t work out the way I want, I know I’ll be able to deal

Because I know what’s important is not what you do with your life, it’s how you choose to live it and I intend to live with fervor

And the people I meet and memories I make along the way are the real treasures.

Do what you love, find what makes you happy and pursue it with all your energy

And your life will fall into place with complete synergy.




  1. topsy kret said,

    You can just make any topics a master peace! It is so great that you express how you feel through writing. Well don’t worry about where you are going to be in 5 years! No one could ever answer this question but what you can do is that in 5 years you look back and just enjoy the unforgettable memories, cause only the good ones last forever!

    • daliahalabi said,

      U knw Id recognize the way u speak anywere…thanks Imad, coming from you that means a lot.

  2. imad said,

    Am just happy to see that you are doing something with your amazing creative writing, even thought you know how much I hate to read but your words, and your style are just great! Hope someday ill be holding a book in my hands that says: by Dalia Halabi

    • daliahalabi said,

      haha, yeah i know you hate to read which makes it all the more meaningful that you actually took time out of ur day to read. Thank you so much 🙂

  3. moeakar said,

    i dont have to read it, i saw it LIVE AND IN COLOUR 😉
    therefore im obliged to reiterate:
    (i wish i was born yesterday >_<)

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