Beast & Beast

January 27, 2011 at 11:42 pm (Writings)

She sat on a bench by the sea

He saw here there every night

He wanted to approach her but he was afraid she’d flee

Or run away from fright

He knew he was a monster

And she was a beautiful lady

He could never muster up the courage to talk to her

The very thought was crazy.


He was there every night, walking on shore

She waited for him religiously on the bench

If she listened carefully she could hear his footsteps on the floor

And it made her heart clench.

But he never talked to her; maybe he didn’t notice her sitting in the shadows

But it’s just as well she didn’t want him to see the ugliness of her face

He was as graceful and as beautiful as a sparrow

To let him see her would be a disgrace.


For the remainder of their life they lived apart

These two strangers who were meant to be

But they lived in each other’s hearts

These two strangers by the sea.




  1. Alma said,

    i absolutely love it! very touching. keep it up halabi 🙂

  2. moeakar said,

    this truly is one of your more profound pieces..the thing is i can sense sadness but at the same time its endearing; that regardless of whether they met or not they remained in each others’ hearts, clinging on to that small glimmer of hope and never let go..
    thats really good D 🙂

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