The Chase

April 9, 2011 at 3:28 pm (Writings)

The other day, my friend and I found ourselves deeply engrossed in a conversation about the ‘chasing game’. It got me thinking about how very similar getting a guy is to marketing. The marketing process consists of several steps, some of which will be listed below. These translatable steps can directly be applied to the chasing game.

Step 1: Segment the market. In this phase the marketer divides the population into groups who share similar needs and will respond correspondingly to marketing action. In a similar sense, we segment potential partners or mates. We weed out those who do not match our criteria and focus on those who do.

Step 2: Selecting a target market.Here the marketer studies the various segments and decides on how many markets to enter, and which ones offer the most potential for success.  We also select targets whenever someone with potential appears on our radar. This is the point where we decide we are going to go after someone. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

Step 3: Positioning. In order to arrive at a positioning platform a marketer must take some things into consideration. First of all, competitors must be identified. Secondly, one must analyze the consumer’s perception of the competitor. Finally, there must be an in-depthanalysis of consumer’s preference- typically an ideal brand or product is imagined. Similarly, we constantly find ourselves scoping out the competition and trying to find out what our ‘partner’ thinks of them. This is not to say that jealousy rears its ugly head, rather a curiosity develops and we find ourselves wanting to know more and more about our potential mate. This is an important phase because knowledge truly is power. The more you know about the person, the more easily you can mold your communication and interaction to fit their wants and needs.

Step 4: Generate Awareness. This is usually the hardest phase in the marketing process, especially if it is a new product or brand. In breaking through the clutter, there is no room for mediocrity. I think this phase pretty much speaks for itself. Obviously, the other person has to know that you exist. This is where the game comes in; it’s a battle for attention. Boys, don’t worry, its not epilepsy, its eyelash batting. For the girls, don’t be misled by the awesome cars, you know they must be compensating for something.

Step 5: Arose interest. In marketing, the battling for the ever-evasive consumer requires the marketer to put himself or herself into the consumer’s field of experiences. The more insight that is available, the more efficient the communication, and the faster themessage penetrates the consumers perceptual screens. As previously mentioned, the more we know our target, the more we can customize our interactions. By knowing what they respond to, we can effectively manipulate our way into anyone’s heart. I’m not saying get your stalker face on, this phase must be accomplished with subtlety and grace.

The ultimate goal of marketing is to form long-term profitable relationships with customers. Almost the same can be said for a lot of single people. For the people who shuddered when they read ‘long term’, don’t worry you can set your own expiration date, just make sure no one is being led on. For now I’ll leave you with this: Don’t hate the player, hate the game.



  1. imad said,


  2. almamiri said,

    I love it! very create and original. I love how you manage to incorporate marketing into everyday situations, which signals your keen observation.
    keep it up Dalia, and next tell us how to keep the market satisfied 😉

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