Man on the Moon

April 11, 2011 at 4:03 pm (Writings)

There is a man on the moon, crates cover his face

He constantly pondered about the human race.

He would watch them struggle, witnessed their rise and fall

He realized that it is the rare man that is able to stand tall.

He shared their joys and endured their tribulations

He watched the destruction of nation after nation.

He saw that there is little good and a lot of bad

He seldom regretted the life he never had.

He was safe in isolation, away from the angry crowds

And had a spectacular view from above the clouds.

He heard the silent cries of the many, and the hysteric laughter of the few

And the man on the moon felt helpless. He didn’t know what to do

Earth will never know peace so long as it is plagued by selfishness and ill will

With people who’d die for the all mighty dollar, and live for the kill.

He heard the outcries of the oppressed, sympathized with their blood sweat and tears

He recognized the sadness that had accumulated year after year.

He was disgusted with the chair that ruled with violence and anger

Blind to resentment, and deaf to slander.

The man on the moon watched man for centuries, dig their own grave

And prayed that one day earth would be saved.




  1. Rawan said,

    mind blowing…Very creative!
    keep it up!

  2. dimaagha said,

    Great one!

    • daliahalabi said,

      Thank u Dima 🙂

      • dimaagha said,

        you’r welcome 🙂 I like all what you wrote mashallah its amazing!!

  3. almamiri said,

    Dalia this is amaazing! i really love it, so insightful and original
    keep it up babe, cant wait to read more

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