May 17, 2011 at 1:18 pm (Writings)

In a little book called, “Faust” by Goethe, the devil, Mephistopheles said something to a university student that resonated with me:

” So friend, take my advice to heart:

Hear lectures on Logic for a start.

Logic will train your mind all right;

like inquisitor’s boots it will squeeze you tight,

your thoughts will learn to creep and crawl

and never lose their way at all…

We’ll teach you that your process of thinking

instead of being like eating and drinking,

spontaneous, instantaneous, free,

must proceed by one, two and three…

In comes your philosopher and proves

it must happen by distinct logical moves:

The first is this, the second is that,

and the third and fourth then follow pat;

When scholars study a thing, they strive

to kill it first, if its alive;

then they have the parts amd they’ve lost the whole,

for the link that’s missing was the living soul.

Your next priority should be Metaphysical philosophy, that will teach your human brain

profound thoughts which it cant contain,

and for everything no one can understand

high sounding words will be ready to hand.

And statues and laws, inherited, like an old sickness, passed on to the dead

through endless generations, creeping down

from land to land, from town to town.

Sense becomes nonsense, good deeds dangerous…”

I find a beautiful logic in Mephistopheles reasoning, who knew the devil could be so wise?

Unravelling such a naked truth, removing the disguise…

Revealing that our thoughts are as vain

as the shallowness we hope to attain.

And what for? money, riches, and fame?

What do schools do, but teach us the rules of the game.

“…and the children all went to the universities, where they all got put in boxes, and they came out all the same.”-WEEDS



  1. Imad said,

    This is soooooo amazing D! i want the book!

  2. almamiri said,

    dude, verry intelligent l! i love the way you express yourself and reflect on your thoughts using such insightful books.
    I wana have the book when ur done 🙂 and true, the devil seems really wise, makes you wonder…

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